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to four inches away from martin's body. >> that this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's, that martin was over him, but his findings called into question were zimmerman intptionally targeted martin, pointed to other possibilities. >> is it sphept with mr. mar ten pulling away. he's pulling away and zimmerman shooting him at that time. >> yes. >> dimao explained despite the injury to zimmerman's head, the evidence doesn't reveal who initiated the confrontation that ultimately led to martin's death a judge ruled the jury will be aloud to hear testimony about the toxicology report showing there was marijuana in marren it's system when he died. reporting from sanford, florida. >> the retrial date for amanda knox is set for september 30th. knox's acquittal was overturned in march, so there were deficiencies and contradesks in the rulg. they are determining if knox and her former boyfriend killed her british roommate. >> there's a new option about serving in afghanistan. it could bring our troops home by next summer. right now the schedule has troops leaving by the end of 2014. the presiden
's simply unfair for mr. zimmerman not to be able to put on his defense because of the state's tactics. it was a strategy because they had it in january and kept it from us. >> the defense wants jurors to hear about trayvon martin's text messages which reportedly showed he had been in fights and was trying to allow guns. george zimmerman maintains he shot the teen in self-defense. >>> we need to stand together as one, no cuffs no guns. let's give violence a rest. >> i know your patients will be tested. >> that is the message from florida authorities as the verdict at the george zimmerman trial looms overhead. millions of americans have made up their minds about what they believe should happen and no matter how the verdict falls authorities worry
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2